Be conscious of your treasures


Universal Laws

“We can only be said to be alive in those moments when our hearts are conscious of our treasures.” ThorntonWilder

There is an awakening and a great shift taking place in the hearts of people.  We are starting to become aware of the fact that true power and magic, potentials and possibilities, happiness and love and so much more, come from within our very selves and is not something derived from the world and others. All are governed by certain Universal Laws which if we work with we stand to bring about great things into our existence and live our dreams no matter how unreachable they may seem right now. We have created a necklace incorporating some of those laws which we want to live by, as a constant reminder of the simplicity, beauty and magic of life and the elegant and bountiful beauty to be found within the women who wear it.

Clothes maketh the woman, but accessories maketh the outfit

Anjelica Designs Creation

Mat black and sparkling crystal cascades

Many times I’m sure you’ve heard the saying that clothes maketh the man, or woman for that matter. This is true but I believe and would like to add that accessories maketh the outfit.  It’s the effort and thoughtfulness one puts into finishing the picture off, it completes it, brings it all together, gives it spark, spunk, life and a personality of it’s own

Accessories are a fun, easy and practical way to add your signature to the outfit.  Accessories fulfill a need within us to express our individuality, style and personal preference as well as evoking within us a sense of satisfaction regarding the way we feel about ourselves and the way we present ourselves to the world.

Hand-crafted, unique and personalized jewellery pieces can do just that for you without dictating styles or current mass produced fashion trends.

For example, belts are a fun, useful and sometimes necessary accessory that holds great potential for keeping things up where they should be. They can define the waistline with textured interest, adding a different dimension to ones wardrobe.

Hat’s can offer charming protection when the wind whips everything up into a dance of frenzy or, please may it not be, when we just run out of time to tend to our tresses. Many people still chose to wear hats to weddings or to church functions; they remain stylish and very feminine.

Sunglasses will protect your eyes not just from the sun but the tiny wrinkles which creep up on us, without warning, from walking around with our eyes perpetually screwed up to banish the bright light and see past it. In addition if your frames are complementary you look super cool in them too.

Bags need no mention, we ‘need’ them and all women seem to have a fetish for them, bags and shoes that is. A woman can deal with anything in the right pair of shoes! They are the art of womanhood period, and if you wish to torture us walk us past a shoe shop and tell us we can’t go in to see, touch or breathe in the smell of leather, the exquisite smell of shoes, I’m talking about the smell of new shoes here…. Ok so back to reality. Accessories communicate much without us even having to say a word. For instance I recall more than one occasion when slipping a ring on my left ring finger helped free me from giving out my number or explain my refusal to do so, problem solved.

Accessories are useful in hiding a multitude of ‘sins’ for want of a better word, by enhancing your figure elongating or shortening your neck and physique with different necklines and jewellery styles, or even hiding a bad hair day.

With a few simple tips however you can always enhance your overall look and look fabulous whatever the occasion may be, for example:

Petite women should wear longer necklaces and chains to elongate the body and stay away from big, chunky stones and jewellery around the neck which may make you look shorter and overwhelm your look. Your purse should be medium size and no bigger.

Women who are slim on top would be complemented by bigger round earrings which will give the appearance of volume.

For curvy ladies smaller necklaces work well, you don’t want to go bulky and crowd the area any further.

In closing though we should remember that accessories are just that – accessories. It’s there to complement YOU, however you should still be the focal point of any outfit. Just like a wonderful gem stone, you are also multi-faceted with numerous looks and styles, so let your inner beauty shine and take centre stage always and the outer look can only enhance the beauty you already possess.

I wrote a letter to my love ’cause on my way I lost her.

Heart-shaped cloud

Heart-shaped cloud (Photo credit: aivas14)

I feel that I’ve emerged one tiny step out of the darkness that has engulfed me for over a year. After spending all this time fighting feelings of self blame, the void you have left behind, the unbearable feelings of loneliness and the missing you has left my heart shattered, my soul destitute and my body weak and tired.

I felt that I wanted to make sense of the situation that seemed senseless and meaningless but felt so scared to even enter the unknown or take that until now un-chartered journey. I was terrified of what truths may be revealed to me or my ability to deal with it and preserve myself.

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No guarantees but gratitude always

Let the old guard surrender pendulumIt is a new day,a new world, 

A new language I wish to speak 
The language of love 
May I have the words I need to speak my truth, 
To translate my heart and my vision 
To my beloved and our children 
To all who come to sit at our table 
Or walk with us through the market place 
Or pray with us by the water 
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